Spain + Portugal

Lotsa these photos added!  I’ll try to add a narrative for each of these soon.  Check back again.....

In the meantime: Alhambra


These are photos of Venice from our visit in 2016.  My wife and I stayed two weeks in a small apartment in the city—longer than we’d ever spent in a single location away from home.  So we got to feeling like locals.  The young woman at the neighborhood coffee shop learned our orders and would start on them without asking when she saw us approach; several evenings we’d end up at the same cafe where we got 1.20 € glasses of wine.  So yeah, even in a place as overwhelming in possibilities as Venice, we fall into a rut.  

These are just ‘a few’ of the thousand or so photos I took while there.

We were in Venice that particular year for the Architectural Biennale; I am very humbled to have been invited as an exhibiter.  More on that here.

And no, I wasn’t stalking that gray-haired woman—I know her.


These are from a trip my wife and I took in 2015.  Rick Steves told us in his book Spain, that “As you step off the boat, you realize that the crossing (less than an hour) has taken you farther culturally than did the trip from the US to Spain.”  Twenty four hours on the ground in the city proved him right.

* all images and text copyright Aaron Dougherty