For these, I thought I’d landed on Unpremeditated for a title after a lot of struggle to find the correct word.  But it’s an unwieldy one with its ‘meditate’ crusted over by the barnacles ‘un’ and ‘pre’ and ’ed’, though it does convey the meaning I’m after: “not characterized by willful intent and forethought : not planned in advance“.

That meaning works on at least a couple levels — there was no beauty intended by the original creators of these walls with their pipes and cables and brackets.  And these back alleys are not so dependably high yielding in beauty as, say Muir Woods is.  Eduction was a close second: “to bring out (something, such as something latent)”.  Or distillation...

You get the idea.

But in the end, I’ve resurrected the name from a collection of photos I’d started back in the 1900’s using 6 x 9 cm film in a view camera.  You can see those HERE.  What I’m seeing in these, I first discovered in those.

These are only a minor evolution in the thread I was pursuing in most of my work; all the same motivations in my General Statement apply here as well. Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, Accessed 5 Feb. 2024.