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Blast from the Past

2022 Jan 2
I rediscovered photos of the Royals Crown Club taken a long time ago.

More HERE.

Rooftop Deck

2021 Dec 2
Got some photos of the gorgeous new rooftop deck at the KCMO Municipal Court building—just before autumn set in.  Design  work by SFS Architecture.

More HERE.

More Grain

2021 Dec 2
I was able to collect lots of these on the recent excursion to and though the Dakotas.  More HERE.


2021 Oct 6
This is the new facility in Independence, MO for the US Army Corps of Engineers.  Design work by SFS Architecture; an existing building was gutted, re-skinned and expanded in a couple different directions. 

It’s lovely rebirth of a nondescript structure, but you’ll likely miss it if you’re not looking specifically for it, tucked into a low site on the south side of Independence Ave.

Specialist vs Generalist

2021 Oct 28
I've been struggling a little with this apparent dichotomy.   Today's conventional wisdom seems to favor specialization.  "Who would hire a part-time plumber?" or brain surgeon?  But what about the Renaissance man—wasn't he a good thing?  Do we all really want to be pandas and eat nothing but bamboo?

As this relates to photography, the establishment wants to rain upon us a similar advice: produce a consistent body of work.  Within the field of art this (in my current thinking) feels like an unreasonable constraint, and not one that is universally rewarded.  My favorite painter is Richard Diebenkorn who famously progressed from representational to abstract expressionist to figurative work, and finally to his own geometric Ocean Park series.  My earliest and most lasting influence in photography was Harry Callahan, whose work and subject matter varied wildly over his career.

All this is to say that I have decided to make a bold leap against some of the stuff I'm reading, and to continue my photography of both architecture and of people, concurrently.  And of telephone poles and walls.  All my diverse interests and energies will be made manifest and will continue to be visible at the same web-site.  It might appear inconsistent, but it's all photography after all—and isn't photography a specialty?


2021 Oct 6 
I've only got a handful of photos in this new series so far, but have a look HERE.

Stay tuned for more...


2021 Sep 8
Maybe it’s in response to the pandemic.  Maybe it’s my own widening perspective.  But today I’m officially rolling out my addition of People to photographic offerings available at Aaron Dougherty Photography.  

Take a look at my new pages for Wedding, Event, and Portrait (a work in progress) photography.  And for a very plausible argument in support of such an expansion: Backstory.

White Cloud Presbyterian

2021 Jun 16
I discovered this beauty while on a road trip this week.  More photos HERE.

And now I’ll stop fooling around get back to work.

Balloon Glow

2021 Jun 1
This is what Kansas City came up with for this year’s Memorial day to replace Celebration at the Station.  It was nice; a beautiful night out.  But I’ll be happy to see the symphony and fireworks return next year.  More photos HERE.

Magis Activity Center

2021 May 10
On the campus of Rockhurst University, Kansas City.  A beautiful new facility designed by GouldEvans.  Have a look HERE.

New Photos

2021 Apr 7
I’ve been updating.  Open and Painted are expanded and clarified a little--and I’ve added an all new tangent, which for now I’m calling Painted II.  Read the rationalizations here.

This is some cerebral stuff.  I recommend you don’t hazard it without some heavy caffination.


2021 Mar 22
This is my first ever ‘technology post’ but Adobe’s amazing new ‘Super Resolution’ deserves a close look.  Recently added as a feature in their Camera Raw application, the development represents a sort of a sea change for photography.  If you love pixels as much as I do, read more HERE.


2020 Dec 18
I’ve pulled my single collection of travel photos out of ‘Other Work’ and created a new ‘Travel’ section.  I’ve added photos from Venice and plan to keep adding places as I sort though all my vacation photos.

More HERE.

Animation and Illustration Studios at KCAI

2020 Nov 24
Beautiful new studio spaces are retro-fitted into the former residence hall building at the Kansas City Art Institute.  

Design by GouldEvans, construction by AL Huber.

More HERE.

Cure of Ars Middle School

2020 Nov 22
As I understand it, these classrooms (see interiors here) are built into what was the church’s original sanctuary— though that building has more recently housed the school’s gymnasium.  That function is now relocated to the new Parish Activity Center.

Wonderful design work by GouldEvans.

More photos HERE.

Lone Elm Park

2020 Nov 13
Another lovely park with buildings designed by SFS Architecture, this one in Olathe, KS.  A little late for ideal pic-nic weather, but keep this one in mind for the next warm day that comes up...

More photos HERE.

Hawk Ridge Park

2020 October 15
New amphitheater, boardwalk, and shelter building at Hawk Ridge Park in Raymore, MO.  Beautiful community park around a snug little Johnson Lake.

The COVID has thrown a wet blanket over productions, but shows will happen and they’ll find a wonderful home here.

Designed by SFS Architecture.  More photos HERE.

NAIA Offices

New offices for the NAIA!  Almost makes up for there not being actual basketball this year.  OK there might have been actual basketball this year, but I will confess I haven’t even looked.  I am a clueless, lazy fan.  No denying it.

Excellent interiors by RMTA:  New photography client, long time past architecture colleague!

See more photos HERE.

St. Joseph Catholic Church; Westphalia, MO

2020 Sept 3
A gorgeous church built in 1848, restoration by Conrad Schmitt Studios.  

Westphalia is a beautiful town built by German settlers in Missouri’s wine region SE of Jefferson City.  Grab the kids and pack a lunch...

More photos HERE.

A New ‘Wretched’ Photo

2020 Sept 19
Saw this on a road-trip this week to Westphalia, MO.  Can deer really not see these things?

See more photos HERE.

Ottawa University Esports Arena

2020 Sept 13
OK I’ll admit I’m an oldster who didn’t know Esports was a ‘thing’, but this place is undeniably cool.  If the COVID will go away, I might get to capture the arena in action, with actual people.  So stay tuned.

Designed into an existing theater in the historic administration building by SFS Architecture.

See more photos HERE.

Ottawa University Athletic Complex

Also at the University and also designed by SFS is the new press box and hall of fame addition to the campus stadium

See more photos HERE.

VAB at the U of Iowa

2017 Nov 19
A nice piece in ArchDaily about Steven Holl’s visual Arts Building at the University of Iowa.  Photos by AD Photography, btw.

See more photos HERE.