Race Directors

Aaron Dougherty Photography is available for race/ run/ ride day events for documentation of the day and all its activities.  Not so much a ‘get-every-face’ operation, we approach the day as a photojournalist or documentarian might, watching for the moments and experiences that make the occasion memorable.

What we do:  

—Provide photo coverage of the day’s activities, gratis;

—Grant you license for use of the the images in your own promotions and marketing;

—Make photos available to your participants for purchase.

What we need:

—Limited access to your mailing list to announce availability of photos: prints and digital down-loads.

We use that list only three times: twice to announce our involvement and services, once to announce availability when the images are posted to our purchase gallery.  

Please have a look HERE for examples of past rides, and have a look at the purchase gallery HERE.

Thanks—looking forward to hearing from you!