Wedding Photography

I have only ever photographed a few of these, in the beginning as a favor for family. Turns out I might have a knack for it. And I have discovered photographing weddings can be great fun if you skip all the cheesy poses and staged ‘spontaneity’.  After many hours studying Tyler Wirken’s excellent tutorials, I was emboldened to strike out and climb what looked to be a giant learning curve.

When the opportunity presented itself to capture a friend’s wedding this summer, I immediately volunteered.  Might be a little soon to say “and the rest is history”, but I’ll hazard it.  The day was truly a blast and I hope to do more.

If I can help you with your wedding, I’d love to meet and discuss how my ‘documentary photojournalist’ approach might be a good fit for your milestone occasion.

And since I’m relatively new at this, I’m offering introductory rates for a while.  Book me now before I become a big shot and impossible to work with.

For information on Booking and Pricing, click HERE.