Event Horizon

My Grandfather, while he was alive, loved cameras and owned (at least for a little while) most all the finest cameras available in his day - Rolleis, Leicas, Canons, Alpas, etc. - and he took photos mostly of family in stiff poses, and endless repetitive snapshots of flowers in the garden.  When he died, my grandmother offered me grocery sacks full of his slides.  She was throwing them out because one of his buddies wanted the empty slide carousels.  My Event Horizon photos are an homage to the joy of taking photos, and to all the photographers whose life’s work will eventually spiral into the grocery sack of oblivion.

The title Event Horizon is a reference to the frontier around a black hole, within which nothing can escape.  Light that passes too close is sucked in; light skating just outside the black hole’s reach will be bent off course, but whizzes on by.