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This has grown into a collection of spaces defined by architectural elements.  Not sure what it means yet.

So far what I’m seeing is an odd dichotomy between ‘open’ vs ‘enclosed’.  And if you want to get analytical about it, maybe ‘loss’ vs ‘potential’.  There may or may not be any more to it than that.  But after getting Near Grinders, I unconsciously began to rationalize what it was I was seeing and pretty quickly the ‘concept’ ran out of control ahead of the ‘vision’—the verbal half of my brain had taken over from the non-verbal.

So I’m re-examining these.  What you see here is a ruthlessly culled version of the original series including only those photos that most closely represent what my eye initially saw in that first vacant lot.  Though I am beginning to reintroduce some of the axed images and have even added one.  So maybe it’s going to gel, finally.  Stay tuned.
Near Grinders

Red Hole

Open Windows





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