This series started with the vacant lot in near Grinders and has grown into a vague contemplation of what is ‘open-ness’. The photos loosely represent or are precipitated by the various meanings of the word. Some are open in an architectural sense, space contained by enclosing walls or elements. Some are open in the sense of “allowing passage”. Some are open as in “undetermined”. Some capture conflicting aspects of openness: open to the elements, but closed to trespassers.

Update:  I’m re-examining this series.  I’ve unwittingly allowed the concept to run away with the vision.  I was initially drawn to the vacant lot in Near Grinders and pretty quickly started to analyze and rationalize what it was I was seeing--and in no time the verbal half of my brain had taken over from the visual.

What you see here is a ruthlessly culled collection including only those that most closely represent what my eye saw at Near Grinders.  I hope to add more photos that are appropriate to the idea that triggered the effort.