Portrait Photography

For many of us, staring down the barrel of a camera is a dreadful proposition.  There’re not many activities more invasive than sitting in front of a soul-less, unblinking lens-eye while you ‘Try to look natural!’.  And it doesn’t help that the word ‘shoot’ has come to be associated with photography.

I can’t speak from personal experience, but I am confident that sitting for a portrait can be more pleasant than facing a firing squad.

It would be a great honor to help you or your organization with your portrait needs.  Please call or write about availability and scheduling.

Some terms you’ll see bandied about on the inter-web:


Or Close-Up.  Same thing.  I can assist in deciding ‘how close’ in order to most appropriatly suit the purpose of your photo.

Location Photography

Also called ‘on-site’ by some.  This is to say, not at the photographer’s address, but yours.  Virtually all my Portrait Photography is Location Photography in this sense.  A bit of an obfuscation, Location Photography can be in a Studio style, with backdrops and controlled lighting or it can be in an Environmental style against the local surroundings and with the naturally occuring ambient light.

I typically come to your location; be it office, home, or a venue you have access to.  I don’t currently keep studio space, but have a handful of places I can recruit for the purpose.  Let me know and we can pursue options.

And my lights are battery powered, so don’t worry about your mountaintop shoots...

Studio Portraiture

Mentioned above, more a style than anything.  It implies controlled studio lighting, and a backdrop.  Or it suggests an indoor space, but it could just as well be outside.

Environmental Portraiture

This is as opposed to Studio Portraiture, which typically means a backdrop is placed behind the subject.  ‘Environmental’ can be as simple as  no backdrop.  Or it can approach Editorial Portraiture in which the individual’s surroundings are included in order to tell a story.


Individual Session:  $280

This is a starting point—contact me for a proposal tailored to your particulars.  Or, I’d be happy to send you my standard rates sheet for you to puruse at your leisure.

And, Yes...

We at Aaron Dougherty Photography would be delighted to help with your wedding photography.  Let us know!