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This series is a divergence from my battered and abused original Painted series.  That group of photos got shuffled, culled, expanded, renamed, re-edited—and is still in flux.  Pulling these from those clarifies both I think.  Though my generalized ‘Artist Statement’ HERE still applies equally to both.

In Painted I’ve been collecting images of unintentional artwork found on buildings around the city.  Some of these are just paint jobs carried out without a lot of concern for appearance.  Many are the result of graffiti being ‘removed’.  In the latter, there’s a sort of dialog in paint going on between hoodlum-with-spray-can tagging walls, and building owner.  Building gets tagged, owner paints it over.  If you subscribe to the notion that ‘art’ is ‘expression’ then these represent a sort of anti-art that nevertheless result in some very painterly compositions.