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West Bottoms

I approached this series as a way to ‘exercise my eye’.  I left the tripod at home, and went on a walkabout, like a visiting photographer from Romania might do. Gabby—wassup!
No plan or concept in mind, though I did consciously try not to look through the camera, but into it and see the image ‘on the ground-glass’ in two dimensions.  So to speak.

The west bottoms is a wonderful mix of architectures, ranging from very old utilitarian buildings that are still around from Kansas City’s gritty cow-town past, and proud masonry warehouses—some abandoned, many converted into apartments and condos.  What remains in the area amongst highway and freight traffic, vacant lots, and drifters spans a full spectrum of neglect, decay, and rebirth.  As a photographer I feel a little guilty of picking 'low hanging fruit’ here, though I don’t imagine an occasional indulgence will ruin me.