Royals Crown Club

I’ve been digging through the office today looking for ways to declutter and get organized when I found boxes of old DVDs occupying a full cubic foot of prime shelf space—archives of photos from over a decade ago. I thought it prudent to make sure I’ve got everything backed-up elsewhere before sending them to oblivion.  

In the process I’m stumbling across some cool old projects that I’d forgotten about—this one is the Crown Club at Royals Stadium. The photos are some I did while still at HOK Sport in 2006—sixteen years ago!  And for you camera nerds, that’s five camera bodies ago—I did these using an original Canon 5D. Since then I’ve gone through a 5DII, 5DIII, 5DIV, the R, and am now using an R5.  That original TSE-24mm was replaced long ago with the II version.

I’m curious to know if the club has gone through as many updates...