Ride 2 Boulevardia

Another excellent ride in the books!  Wonderful weather, lots of bad-ass riders, coffee!  If you didn’t make to this year’s ride, keep an eye out HERE for the 2024 edition...

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2023 July 17

Killdeer Maintenance Shop

Here’s a fun excursion into the behind-the-scenes world of road maintenance!  

Bulldozers, big trucks, an overhead crane.  This is the work your Tonka toys were preparing you for.

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New Grain Photos

On a recent roadtrip back to North Dakota, I found more elevators to add to my Grain collection!

See all of them HERE, but use the ‘back’ arrow to see the six added images; from Tappen, Stirling, and Dunn Center.

2023 July 1

A Barn

Long time ago I was determined to write a book offering free architectural design services to anyone interested, based solely on the proportions of old barns.  I’m convinced these are some of the most wonderful buildings ever created.  The landscape would be more beautiful if more buildings and homes were shaped like this.

The white one (two photos from different sides) can be seen along I-49 in Missouri, the paint-less one is on I-70.

I throw in the church from an earlier post because it’s an excellent example of these proportions’ universality.

Dusk Photos

At the Omaha FEMA Shelter.  
Arkansas, not Nebraska.

Went back to get these recently, the green lighting is really powerful.  See the others Here, click the left navigation arrow to go straight to the new ones.

2023 June 6

Going to San Francisco

Three of my Grain Series photos have been recognized in this year’s AIA National Photography Competition—one  Merit Award, two Honorable Mentions!

These and the other winning photos will be shown at the A’23 AIA National Conference in San Francisco, June 7th through 9th; and will appear on the Architectural Record Magazine and AIA St. Louis websites.

2023 May 10

Nest House

I had occasion to dig out some old photos I’d done for my favorite old professor at KU, Dan Rockhill.

More HERE.

2023 May 3

Arkansas Roadtrip

Ideal time of year for some beautiful scenery.  These are from Jasper, though I was also in Omaha (yeah, Omaha, Arkansas).

I don’t have a single image from the many hours of white-knucked driving I survived.  Roller coasters have nothing on two-lane highways through the Ozark mountains.

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2023 April 28


I’ve added some old photos to the Archives — back when I was using B+W film at the turn of the century.  A Nikon FM3, for you camera junkies...

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Rediscovered Lens

I recently found this gorgeous old lens sitting quietly on a shelf behind whatever it was I was looking for.  It’s a Rodenstock Apo-Grandagon 45mm f/4.5 that I used on a 6x9cm roll-back view camera.  I’m pretty sure it’s the lens I used taking THESE photos.

45mm in 6x9cm translates to about 19mm on a full-frame camera.

For a deep dive into techno-oblivion, CLICK HERE.

2023 April 22

Gare de Lyon

These are from our travels in 2009, waiting in Paris for a train to Avignon.

And yeah, I know there’s one that’s grossly out of focus.  I like it too much to throw away.

Bigger versions HERE.

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