Nest House

I was asked today about photos I took years ago at a house in the Ozarks designed by Dan Rockhill and Associates.  John Reynolds at Miami University, Ohio is having a book published, focused on modern vernacular architecture and he’s looking for photos to use.

These are from 2006, three years before I had opened shop officially as a photographer, and before I had transitioned to digital.  They’re the only scans I could find of the project, all other images exist in film only—or little JPG files that are pretty useless by modern standards.

On that particular road-trip, I’d arrived too late to go knocking on doors in the dark and ended up sleeping on the roadside in my car.  Couldn’t figure out for several sleepless hours what was the buzzing I’d hear every few minutes—sounded like it was coming from under the hood, though the engine wasn’t even running.  I finally discovered it was my phone in the door pocket, set on vibrate so the rining wouldn’t wake me.