2024 Feb 1

Richard Johnson

I was recenly introduced to the wonderful work of Canadian photographer Richard Johnson  (thank you, Matt!)

I won’t even attempt to find 1000 good words to describe his pictures.  Have a look, HERE.

2024 Feb 10


After much soul-searching and nashing of teeth I have accepted the truth that specialization is OK after all.  

You may already have seen the tangible manifestation of this if you’ve arrived at this page by way of my reconfigured Home Page, but if not, go have a look — making note of the simplified navigation, and the ’mission statent’ on the About Page.  

The intended message is this:  Aaron Dougherty Photography is about architectural photography.

2024 Jan 8

One Nine Vine

Beautiful new residences in Kansas City’s historic 18th and Vine neighborhood, designed by HJM Architects.

More HERE.

HCC Network, Carrollton

Wonderful new facility also by HJM Architects!

More HERE.

R2B board Members

These are the many faces behind the well-oiled machine that is Ride 2 Boulevardia.

More HERE.

2024 Jan 3


This is the 1st of four cities from our travels in France last year.  Coming up are Carcassonne, Sarlat and Paris.

If you’re ever running low on Catholics, Lourdes is the place to go to replenish your stocks.

More HERE.


One of the many rabbit holes I get lost in when it’s cold out is genealogy.  I recently stumbled into FamilySearch.org — which, no kidding will disappear 8 hours of your lifetime before you realize it’s dark outside — and traced my Cannon roots out to something like 200 AD.  If you can believe that.

This photo from as early as 1894 was posted on the site by my very gracious 4th cousin, Erin.  Thank you, Erin!  My great grandmother Mary Estella is the scrawny woman standing at the far right; seated are my great, great grandparents Albert Preston and Susan Elizabeth.  Not Cannons — other side of the family...

This is only one in about a thousand old photos I need to scan someday before I become history.

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