2022 Dec 24

Street Photography

I’ve been really into street photography lately, and it startled me a little to find these photos from Paris in my own archives.  These are from 14 years ago...

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New Client!

I am very honored to be helping Pulse Design Group document some of their wonderful interior design work, this project for KU Cancer Center.

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2022 Oct 29

Fooling Around with Photoshop

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2022 Oct 26

New Terminal at KCI

I will admit to being skeptical when the plan to replace the old Terminal 'A' was announced—it seemed to me a colossal waste of resources.  But there is no denying this is going to be a fantastic facility when it opens in March, and a gorgeous place.  It truly has the feel of a world class airport.

Beautiful, restrained design by SOM.

More photos HERE.

2022 Oct 3

Bike MS

Kind of a bittersweet thing, taking photos at ride where we've been a participant for multiple decades running (so to speak).  On the plus side: our legs aren't aching.

It was a great ride this year, and the weather was perfect.  If you've ever been tempted to jump on your bike and ride 100 miles for a good cause, don't resist!

See the photos HERE.

2022 Sept 8

Mackinac Island

Pronounced ‘MACK in naw’.  Don’t enrage the natives by saying it the way it’s spelled.

This is my ‘What did you do over the summer?’ post.

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2022 Aug 9


These are from a recent roadtrip to the far western edge of North Dakota.

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2022 Jun 18

Ride 2 Boulevardia

Back ON and better than ever!

Photos HERE.

2022 May 30


Using a green screen for stills is a sort of wonky proposition.  Normally intended for video so as to make it possible to switch-out the back-drop on-the-fly for say, a weather map—in still photos that switch lacks urgency.  If you're really techno-curious and have nothing better to do, take a look HERE.

2022 Apr 18


This is a photo I took at the turn of the century in River Market.  The beams in this alley are now a canopy over the top of an outdoor patio at River Bluff Brewing (wonderful place and beer, btw), which occupies the building to the right.

I’ve got a bunch of images like this of buildings and places that have been rescued from dilapidation, and if I can stay organized long enough to pull it off, I will make prints available...

In the meanwhile, see the rest of the collection HERE.

2022 Apr 6


The portraits page is up and running, and populated with new work.  Have a look HERE.

And if you’re curious about why an architectural photographer of a dozen odd years is suddenly photographing people, CLICK.

2022 Feb 2

I’ve added a page for Art Installations!  Have a look HERE.

2022 Jan 28


Finally after 7 years, I’ve finished editing photos from our trip to Spain!  In order to make the deluge more manageable, I’ve divided the trip into cities.  If you’re short on time or low on coffee, I recommend Granada and Barcelona in particular (Alhambra and Sagrada Familia).

2022 Jan 2

I rediscovered photos of the Royals Crown Club taken a long time ago.

More HERE.

2022 Jan 2

Art Boards

Yeah it’d be cool.

More HERE.

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