Goofing Off

I’ve got plenty of things I  ought to be doing instead of  fooling around with Photoshop, but this photo from my recent ‘Grain’ collection (more HERE) really lends itself to some cool manipulations.  And I’m easily distracted.

Right out of the box, its stark orange-on-skyblue background is pretty intense, but what if?

All of these are simple PS button-clicks.  The 1st three are a subtraction of one of the three color channels using layer properties.




This is an ‘inverse’ like you’d see in a film negative—minus the orange base.

These are departures from the ‘normal’ setting in the Layers Panel; this one is a ‘linear dodge’


...‘hard light’

...‘vivid light’

This is an ‘inverse’ and ‘vivid light’:

And now I’ll stop fooling around.